Science Instructor and Curriculum Writer

QuantumCamp is looking for a full time elementary and middle school science curriculum writer and ?instructor for the 2018-2019 school year and beyond. (Competitive salary plus full suite of benefits offered.)

  1. Learn and understand the pedagogical framework of QC curriculum and teaching

  2. Refurbish and revamp our existing library of courses such that they surpass a set of expectations outlining a highly engaging, highly stimulating science academic experience for students.

  3. Write new courses from scratch which must also exceed predetermined benchmarks.

  4. Report to the QC curriculum writing lead.

  5. Teach 3 days per week.?

  6. You are a very good writer.

  7. You love sharing new ideas with kids and supporting their intellectual growth and development. You love being in the classroom and engaging with students as a passionate, patient instructor.

  8. You are commanding, knowledgeable, and energetic.

  9. You have the skills and experience to keep a classroom focused on learning and not behavioral management.

  10. You are highly organized.

  11. You are a scholar of science and math history, contemplate human acquisition of knowledge, and connect these processes to the pedagogy of ?teaching both science and math.

  12. Your science acumen permits you to discuss and run experiments, like the photoelectric effect, which enables you to teach an experiment based course on the origin of the Bohr Model of the atom for middle schoolers

  13. You know 8, 9, and 10 year olds can and should be doing advanced experiments in Zoology, Botany, Electricity, and Chemistry

  14. You would like to facilitate an intuitive discovery of the laws of motion for 6 and 7 year olds.

  15. B.S./B.A. or higher in science or education

  16. 2+ years of experience working with groups of students between 1st ?grade and 12th grade, in either conventional or alternative education formats

QuantumCamp is a growing school enterprise with a core mission of delivering amazing, hands-on math and science courses to kids in three platforms: QC In-School Labs, Homeschool Hubs, and Summer Camps. ???

Schools around the world are partnering with QuantumCamp and directly incorporating our unparalleled library of science and math courses. ???

In QC courses, students forge their own profound connection to our universe through carefully constructed lab sequences, which facilitate hands-on journeys through amazing math and science ideas. ??

In this radical approach, we place kids in history, just before new knowledge was discovered. We set them free pursuing this new knowledge for themselves. All of science and math, then, becomes theirs. Each student is a shared owner of all the profound ideas in math and science. ??

QuantumCamp has built 54 courses spanning 12 grade levels totaling over 1,600 hours of hands-on content, each of which is an arc of experiments and activities which draw students into the grandeur of an idea to be discovered.

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